A dream comes true


If you have already everything, than you might dream of a machine like this. The all new Belassi Burrasca - the ultimate race emotion on the water. Never seen before. The design is very sporty and aggressive, it is an ICON among the PWCs. Burrasca is considered as the supersportscar on water!
Creating More

Power Design

Ideation and Design

Let us take you on the journey of the outstanding design development ot fhe Burrasca. Here are some sketches which defines the details. Remarkable is the style of the back. The Power of the design reflects the performance of the product. It feels like a supersports car. Unexpected and extraordinary.

Creating More

Perfection Engineering


In the beginning there was just an idea: Build the most powerful and beautyful JetSki. So it was neccessary to begin at zero and develop all parts new. Even the handlebar with its lever and trimcontroler. The seatposition is perfectly adjusted to its driver. We are proud to see how the product stirs up the market.