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Workers and robots will work together more and more closely in the future. That's why we are working intensively with FESTO on systems that could relieve humans of monotonous or hazardous tasks, for example, and at the same time pose no risk. Artificial intelligence plays a central role here.
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Ideation and Design

The BionicMobileAssistant moves autonomously in space and can recognize objects, grasp them adaptively and process various tasks together with humans. The task was to combine these complex requirements in one product and formulate a functioning package from them. This requires technical understanding and intensive collaboration between a wide range of departments.


creative heads

Ideation and Design

In cooperation with FESTO and ETH Zurich, this has resulted in the prototype, which consists of three subsystems: an electric robotic arm, a mobile robot and the BionicSoftHand 2.0. The pneumatic gripper is inspired by the human hand and is a further development of the BionicSoftHand from 2019.

image courtesy of FESTO SE&Co.KG