Marker Skibinding


Only the best components are good enough for the Kingpin M-Werks 12. The state-of-the-art touring binding from Marker with a Z value of up to 12. The Kingpin 12 M factory weighs only 540g without brakes and offers the full performance known from the regular Kingpin series thanks to features such as XXL Power Transmitter or ergonomically shaped climbing aid. Pin front shoes and heel as well as the heel sliding plate are specially carbon reinforced. The redesigned ski/go change-over lever allows for weight reduction and easy handling.


Carbon reinforced toe and heel. Carbon reinforced material for toe and heel part for more strength and less weight. XXL Power Transmitter in the heel with reduced weight for minimum friction and maximum centering for lateral heel movement. 0°/7°/13° Climbing Aids. The Titanal ascent aid, which can be conveniently adjusted via ski pole, can be locked in two positions at 7° and 13°. Integrated elastomer damping elements make the ascent more pleasant, simply because the irritating "clicking noise" is eliminated. Crampon Pintech. Easy to install crampons for KINGPIN and Alpinist available in the sizes 80mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm. Double safety release function vertical and lateral safety release in the heel area for maximum safety when descending.
Creating More


Design Development

All Marker products have a very sporty DNA. Especially the KingPin is an athlet in Touring pants. In order to empower the visual performance, Genesis Design choosed a very dynamic design language.