because time matters


Turbo Mini
Technology and progress help us to manage the precious time of our lives more efficiently and to live according to our own wishes. The Miele Turbo Mini, with its unique selling propositions on the market, belongs to this category. We hereby proudly present to you the process to a revolutionary product.


Ideation and Design

The unit should be ideal for vacuuming carpeted floors and delicate upholstered furniture + effortlessly removing crumbs and pet hair from furniture and car seats. The unique joint makes it extremely versatile.

Ergonomics and 3D Development


After the initial market research and concept identification, the designs were optimized in the convergent phase with regard to ergonomics and handling. Finally, the brush roller driven by the suction system had to be married to the package defined from the ergonomics department.
Creating More


In addition to the authenticity of the product, a special focus was placed on the visualization. This should be fun for the viewer, underline the value of the product and present the technical components.