the carbon super yacht

SAY 52

Pioneers of Lightness

SAY Carbon

SAY Carbon has already established itself as a player in the sport-yacht segment with the SAY 29 and the SAY 42.

The unique selling point of SAY is rooted in the extensive use of carbon fiber.

This does not only allow it to cut through waves with ultra high performance, but also reduces emissions.


We have incorporated cutting-edge technologies and advanced features into SAY Carbon Yachts' new flagship. The yacht is currently being developed and refined for its first launch in 2023.

Brand Identity

Global Design Language
The increasing number of high net worth individuals around the world is leading to a market full of growth opportunities. To assert and stand out in the world of ultimate desirability, Genesis Design has further developed the brand identity of SAY CarbonYachts and charged it with new values. Thus, from now on, the SAY brand appears even more confident and valuable. The new brand language is presented for the first time in the innovative and progressive form of the SAY 52 and will refine every SAY product in the future.


shared expertise

We are valued by our customers because of our hollistic design approach. 360° Design to ensure the perfect product, from sketch to series production.


Our many experts are not simply sketching or modelling, we design a product to create real value.

creating an icon

Exterior Design


Sophisticated Design

The stern of the SAY 52 radiates pure power and performance. The new design of the yacht already gives an idea of enormous acceleration.

The unique carbon construction reduces the weight of the yacht considerably. This lightweight construction and the associated special hull geometry allow extremely good driving dynamics and driving stability.

These impressive dynamics are embodied in the SAY 52 by its exceptionally sporty proportions.


The roof bar presents the key aesthetic of the SAY 52, where technology, material and aesthetics form a strong synergy. This makes the SAY52 an unmistakable icon and significantly increases brand and recognition value.


Emotion inside

Interior Design

Main lounge

The lounge of the yacht is covered with a sturdy glass roof in polygon structure, the noble diamond cut here gives an additional touch of luxury and comfort. In this environment, you quickly forget that you are on a boat: The clever and spacious layout of the modern interior includes a full kitchenette and luxurious sofas. The lighting and the orientation of the seats to each other bring the cozy bar flair to the SAY 52.

Interior Cabin

Soothing Luxury

The luxurious interior extends in front of the cockpit below deck. Fine materials and muted colors provide a sophisticated flair and contrast with the racing genes of the boat. The master bedroom is separately lockable and thus offers privacy and discretion.

Advanced Modeling

From vision to production
We are constantly working in close contact to our customers. Every detail is modelled and discussed, to ensure our customer satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver the best solution in terms of design and feasiblity.